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Chic Fil A or Gay

Delicious Chicken or Hollywood and the Homosexuals.

Who’s side are you on?

Let me clarify my beliefs about being gay: I do not believe most gays choose to desire intimate same-sex relationships. Although one Hollywood actress is being ironically disparaged for saying so.  I do believe we are ALL predisposed with certain sinful tendencies.  I was born with them… and only a few people close to me know which ones they are so don’t ask.

That being said, in case you were wondering where our church must ALWAYS STAND on this issue: With the Bible.

Homosexual acts are sin forbidden in no less than 6 places in Scripture. The Bible condemns the act more than rape, incest or bestiality. Gays are welcome to attend our church just like every other sinner.  Christ died for gay and straight people.  But we cannot and will not ever affirm homosexual sin.

You’ve all heard the common arguments against standing with the Bible regading this issue: “You Christians ignore the laws you don’t like and focus on this one.”  “The Bible also says to stone a disobedient child, not get tattoos, have slaves… etc.” Such arguments are usually made by Cherry-Picking cynics who do not actually read the Bible, take a few words out of context, and shut their ears to any kind of explanation. Believe me, I’ve tried to reason with them.  They won’t have it.  “The god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers.”

Rather than argue, just stand with Jesus’ definition of marriage.  One that not only limits marriage from homosexuality, but also from divorce, remarriage and infidelity (Matthew 19:4-9).

I understand the gay movement’s “beef” (pun intended) with us.  We have a history of selectively living out the Bible.  But the problem with the homosexual issue is different.  No president has EVER campaigned on the right to divorce or steal.  No Restaurant has ever been boycotted because they support marital fidelity.  No church has split over a civil “right” to lie.

Yet that is what IS happening right now with homosexuality.  Heaven forbid you disagree with them!  Then YOU are a hater, an intolerant bigot, and a fundamentalist nutcase.  Case closed.

Scripture says: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” Isaiah 5:20

Half of our Country is doing that RIGHT NOW.  I fear eventually MOST of our Country will do so within the next decade.  We are not on the right track.

Think of it: Three government officials have proudly stated they are going to work to STOP a business from doing business in our Country because of the owner’s point of view. And they are doing this in the name of “tolerance” during a recession!  That shouldn’t just outrage Christians. It should raise the red flag for all Americans.  We are a nation founded on the idea that government can be completely wrong and when necessary, must be protested to protect human liberty.

If three government leaders are doing it today, how many of them will be doing that in 10-20 years?

So what do we Christians do?

First, we don’t give in and we don’t give up.  Our God is greater.  And we aren’t supposed to be liked so stop trying. People hated Jesus and He told us to expect the same (John 15:20). Learn to be okay with being called names and instead, go out of your way to bless them (Romans 12:14).

Then we will continue the same mission we’ve had for 2000 years: Loving God and loving people: Gay, straight, liars, divorced, conceited, bitter, jealous, gossips, and YOU.  At the same time we will never accept breaking God’s moral law is right because sin is NEVER good for you.  We will continue to call people to REPENT (even of the President approves of your particular sin ) and make Christ their Lord.

America may be on the wrong track, but Christ’s true Church never will be.

I’m going to Chic Fil A because I’m a Christian before I’m an American. And in this Country, you have every right to hate that about me.

Just don’t call me the intolerant party in that equation.

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16 People Replies to “Chic Fil A or Gay”

  1. Joanne Freeman

    i’m with ya Pastor on the side of delicious chicken !
    Love the sinner not the sin Amen
    After going to Andrew Wommacks conference in Worcester he spoke of Homosexuality
    and Abortion. I wrote to my husbands cousin in love about his gayness. May God help
    Him in a change of his heart of that lifestyle.

  2. Kim

    Nicely put Pastor Hatch. This whole thing has become a media fiasco. Since this has come about I personally have been called a bigot for no reason. It is sad that we have to deal with such issues in this day and age.

  3. Michael

    BTW, PT. I agree with everything you have written and feel you have delivered a message in a well thought-out and loving manner. The Truth hurts people, unfortunately……

  4. Michael

    What an entertaining thread. I’m re-reading 1 John, the whole letter. Can everyone pointing the finger at Christians in this debate read this? Please? Can Christian also read this and then re-enter the debate with the words as guidance? Please? Thank you everyone that has commented for you have helped me to dig deeper into the Truth.
    1 John 4, seems to be an appropriate closing thought……

  5. Kathy Gay

    Pastor Tim, I live in Florida but attended one of your services while visiting my brother Michael Philipps and his fiance. I really enjoyed the service though at the time you were out of town. I was trying to find your talks about marriage that my brother was telling me about and came upon this blog. I think you put it wonderfully and I agree with every word and will also continue to frequent Chix-Fillet.

    1. PT

      Check out the Death By Marriage videos at … You can search on that page too! Thanks for commenting.

  6. Michael

    Thank You.

  7. Tina Ulery

    Amen, PT!!!

  8. Jerome Kennedy

    I guess the question is if you genuinly dont hate the sinner but hate the sin. How would you reach teach and bring those people in to a loving relationship with God with out turning them away from the church? I don’t know if the chick filet apprection day concept is the way to go. Being a man, a son of God and a sinner, Myself I owe my attention and appreciation to God first and then to all the people that he created. To reach drug addicts and alcoholics and people that are sinners in general we take a “we welcome evrybody aproach”. And we talk about love and focus on the positives this is what brings sinners to our church and what ultimatley saves them from there sins. You have to be careful when you start to let politics get involved in the church because then you are starting to create a divide. Then if you are a republican or a democrat who doesnt agree with one aspect of the message then you start to lose people that could use God’s love. I think that it is great that a preacher has an opionion as an American we have a right to do so. Being pro filet whether you intend it to be or not comes across more as a anti gay statement than a pro christian statement. Is that the intent? Or is it that we have to stand up to governement? I dont think it is such a pressing issue when people are looking for a church on if you support Gay marriage or not. To the point where we have to make sure that it is known where we will always stand on it. I think we should be pro Jesus and less anti government. If asked a question answer it but dont go out of our way to make sure people know we are against a certain peoples current lifestyle. That lifestyle can change, if they find Jesus’s love. What I think you are doing indirectly is shutting that option off for some people and I don’t think it is nessasary. Pro filet should not be our rallying cry, It should always be Love eachother as Jesus would want us to regardless of whats going on on CNN or FOX news. If I wanted to get caught up in the world and there opinions I would watch TV. If you wanted to ask God for guidence on how we as a church could reach out to the Gay community and what passages in the Bible we could use to be effective in that way I would stand by the cause. Why is there not an article on where we will always stand as a church on internet porn, and what that sin is and what harsh punishments would be waiting in hell for people that take part in that sin? Would there not be a loud amen from the same people and clapping of the hands from some of those men in the back of church? Would we intentionnly buy chicken sandwitches from a particular store because of it? Lets talk about LUST as a whole and the chalenges that ALL humans have dealing with it. Not just the popular one that is the news lately. I think some people need to hear what lust is so they can be humbled before the concept. To be honest it seems like a lot of people with planks pointing out some saw dust.


    1. PT

      First, thank you for your thoughts.

      Second, you sit in the front row at church. So you should be the first to recognize that I have preached about lust and other sins in general at least 100x more than just homosexuality.

      Third, if you read the post I specifically welcome gay people to our church and they come! What you are not aware of is our leadership has been attacked by people who love our church and quickly turn on us once I make a Biblical statement about homosexuality (and other sins they approve of). Surprisingly, none of those people were gay. Yet they said they were Christians. They just didn’t like the Biblical standard. Jerome, this is the reason why there is so little power in the life of the Church in America and most Christians. They want God to bless them but not change them. At some point, a Preacher has to stand up and say REPENT and let the truth be the fragrance of life to those being saved and the stench of death to those who are perishing.

      Fourth, as I said in the post, the difference between homosexuality and other sins is that this sin is the one being pressed into acceptance and I felt as Pastor it was time to draw a line in the sand. There are many people who attend church and do not want Christ to change their lives. We are left with watered-down, weak-willed saints who cannot understand why God is not near them. “Without holiness, no one will see the Lord.”

      Fifth, there are no politics here. There is a reference to our President’s beliefs. If that changes your vote one way or the other, so be it. I don’t care how people vote, I care that they open their heart to Christ and let him change them. Should that affect their vote? Sure. But it still may not be the way I vote. Again, I don’t care. Each side of the political aisle have some things wrong and some things right. I trust that people like you to individually weigh them on the scales of importance and vote accordingly.

      Sixth, this IS the issue of our time and the people I Pastor watch the news. Ignoring it would be bad stewardship of my responsibilities as a Shepherd. There are many in our church who genuinely love Jesus and need to know how to navigate these hostile waters. I’ve heard many stories of people in our church being verbally assaulted for what they believe regarding this issue. Please re-read my instructions for our members: “Go out of your way to bless those who persecute you.” That’s from Christ – and I say we do it.

      Seventh, we want to win all people to Christ, therefore, everyone is welcome. But there are scriptural guidelines showing when we must specifically ask people to NOT be a part of what we are doing. We will be discussing those things in our 1 Corinthians series on Wednesday Nights in the fall. I look forward to it.
      Eighth, at some point Christians have to stop calling themselves sinners and START calling themselves SAINTS (which is what the Bible does). Being a sinner defines me by what God removed from me! Our sins were washed away, we are saints of God (Acts 9:13; Acts 9:32; Acts 26:10; Romans 1:7; Romans 8:27; 1 Cor. 1:2; 1 Cor. 14:33; 2 Cor. 1:1; Eph. 1:1; Eph. 2:19; Eph. 4:12; Jude 3; Rev. 14:12.) If you still want to be known as a sinner, what benefit is there to being in Christ? Remember what HE calls you. The blood of Jesus paid for it!

      Ninth, be blessed.

      Pastor Tim

      1. Pastor,

        I do not know you nor have ever heard your name prior to stumbling upon this blog. As a Christian first, an American second, and a former Marine I applaud your spine. Too many Christians are veering away from the bible and practicing a Burger King Christianity (have it your way). There is a time to be a peculiar people, set apart and that time has come. You are called to be a steward and Sheperd and must answer, not to your flock, but the Lord.

        In warms my heart that there are still men and women of God who understand that our God is greater than the status quo. I read all the comments and it saddened me to see the amount of work that satan has put into our churches. We can’t even distinguish who the real combatants are…we can speak up to a man of God but we are too CHICKEN to speak for the man of God. I thank God that His promises are true and that salvation is His gift alone. Imagine if we had to allow other Christians to vote us in? Forget about disputing people that are speaking directly from scripture and get on your hands and knees and pray that the Holy Spirit would your open eyes, for there won’t be any witty repartee in His presence. God bless you Pastor Tim and your family. May God continue to hold your arms up.


      2. Jerome Kennedy

        Thanks for your time and your thoughts.

        “Delicious Chicken or Hollywood and the Homosexuals.”

        Reading that heading I am faced with a question in my head. I see chicken, culture and people. In this case Homosexuals are the people.

        The answer to that question “Whose side am I on?” every single time for me is people. Don’t care about chicken, dont care about hollywood or its standards, Do whole heartedly care for people. Homosexuals do fall under that catagory so the answer in whose side I choose in that situation is the homosexuals aka the people.

        The question wasnt do I belive Gay marrige is biblical becaue if that was the question I would say no. I would personnally vote against it if it was on a bill in front of me. I also think it is honorable for the chick filet guy to stand up for what hebelives in and there is no reason why the government should say he cant.

        I am also very aware of all the topics that you speak of and that is why I have been attending the church for over 5 years and it is the biggest reason that I have such a good relationchip with God.

        Haveing said that I am the type of person that will sit with the lepords at the lunch table and would show empathy towards Gay people and help them understand themselves. I would then relate there struggles to some that I might have and show them the road that I took to find the path God intended me to be on. We live in a culture that teaches hate and uses words like “Fag” and “retard” and other words that down grade “People”. I just feel like the church should show love to all people and then let the word of God work in them.

        My objective is to be a saint in God’s eyes and to bring more people to understand the love he has for them. If at first it means to be tolerant of who they are to be able to reach them then so be it. Just as I would not look down on a drug addict or a person that gossips or a person that has commited adultury. It is not my job to judge them or to steer them away from a God that can save them from their sins whatever they might be. Homosexual used as a catagory for a type of person just doesnt sound right. There are one type of people to me, Gods children. Its not OK, Im not saying that but I would rather not win an argument of whose right and wrong, and have a person be saved then be right about a topic and steer that same person away.

        I know these are read before they are posted and you dont have to post this if you dont want to….. I just wanted it to be clear that I am not for the concept but I am also not above the people. I am not saying this is a personal thing and acusing you of anything I am just saying what my opinion is on this as it is a topic that gets brought up and I have seen a person that was dealing with that sin be saved from the word of God. I helped lead him that way by first showing empathy and planting seeds if I was to strong to early the seed would have gotten strangled and died.


        1. PT

          Wonderful Jerome!

          I encourage you and our entire church to welcome any and all into the conversation of your life and walk with Jesus. Sit with the modern day “lepers” and tell them about Christ’s love. I have many times.

          At Chic Fil A this afternoon were two very obvious lesbian protesters who were ignored by pretty much everyone. After I got my food I walked over to them and said, “No matter what you may have heard, we do not hate you. We love you and Jesus loves you.” The conversation went well from that point on and we parted ways peacefully.

          The scriptures tell us there are two kinds of people, Jerome. Those who walk in light and those who walk in darkness (1 John 1:6-7). Not everyone is a child of God. We were all born His enemies and deserve His wrath (Ephesians 2:3). This is why we must preach Christ lovingly, truthfully, honestly knowing that at the end of this age, Jesus will separate the wheat from the chaff.

          John the Baptist said: “His winnowing fork is in his hand, and he will clear his threshing floor and gather his wheat into the barn, but the chaff he will burn with unquenchable fire.” Matthew 3:12

          The point of the first line in the post was to get your attention by mentioning how this event is being billed in the press. And it worked. You have now commented twice! I love it! Comment anytime and never be afraid to express yourself here.


  9. Helice Gillis

    Spent this week being told over and over how awful I am and how much of a “bigot” and “hater”. (Interestingly, not by any of my gay friends.) Please have a sandwich for me. I can’t get out of work to go but my support is 100% there. Thank you for this blog!

  10. Steven Albert


    1. Alan Kingston

      I will gladly add my voice here. I find it very discouraging that this issue is such an issue. There have been a countless number of men and woman over the years that have fought and died for our rights. One of those is the freedom of speech. Chic Fil A has every right to state their believe. If they want to hold fast to their Christian roots and speak out against homosexuals and gay marriage that by all means is their RIGHT. If I agree with them or not, the politicians that are condemning them also have THEIR right to speak freely. Yes, a person in power should not factor their religious, political beliefs into wether or not someone can do business in an area.

      We will all be judged one day by the almighty. I honestly believe there is not one of us that could cast that first stone.

      This issue should not be in the news, not be debated, it is something that for those who it effects need to deal with it on a personal and moral nature.

      Just my own thoughts.